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Sealing of Concrete

The proper maintenance and care of your concrete will ensure you get the
nicest looking with the best protection though out your concretes life span.
Concrete should be sealed with a concrete sealer; non penetrating and
penetrating are the two physical properties to look for in a sealer. Penetrating
sealers are a onetime application unlike non penetrating sealer which has to
be reapplied every couple of years when the previous sealer has worn off
from traffic. If you have decorative concrete i.e. (stamped, colored &
exposed concrete) it is best to apply a penetrating sealer first and then a high
gloss sealer overtop. Seals can be applied by homeowners with proper care.
Sealed concrete can be slippery, if concerned it is recommended you use a
texturing agent.

Deep penetrating sealer called S-1300 Pene-Krete

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